How To Find Real Estate Buyers Online

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When trying to find potential customers online, you have two routes you can take;

1. Organic Outreach (The Free Way)

These are techniques that require a larger manual effort and take a longer time to see results but don’t require upfront costs.

2. Paid Outreach (The Paid Way)

This has immediate results and if done correctly can be highly profitable and require far less effort.

Before We Start

For this to have an impact, you need to capture these prospects as leads, usually in the form of an email submission.

This is much easier to do with paid advertising as there is already commerical intent. I will explain how to optimise lead conversions at the end of this guide.

Firstly, consider what your typical buyer looks likes, acts like and what their interests are.

This will help to paint the picture about where they will spend their time online.

It will also help in your marketing and sales efforts to understand their pains and goals.

If you can truly connect with a potential client on a personal level it will be much easier and feel much more organic moving them through the process.

10 Ways To Find Real Estate Buyers Online (Without Advertising)

#1 Comment On Blogs and Websites

If you type into Google “what to know when buying a house” or “how to buy a house”, you will be presented with

On some of the more popular articles (higher ranked in Google), comment on the article. Don’t just comment arbitrarily, add something useful or insightful that shows your authority or expertise.

Make sure you leave some sort of way for people to find you like social links or your website URL.

Make sure when you are doing this you set your country in the search settings so you get relevant results.

#2 Get Clever On Facebook

In the search bar, type “your city + house hunting” or something else that a buyer might type in.

Make sure in the filter you search for public posts and set the date to be recent so that the leads are still warm. Reach out to the person and rather than try to pitch them immediately, offer something of value like relevant information.

The goal here is to try and take the conversation offline.

#3 Instagram

Brand24 is a tool that makes finding your prospects easy. You can use it to search for a mentioned topic, e.g. “househunting” and it will show you all the mentions of house hunting across multiple platforms.

This tool is useful as it allows you to filter the results by location & send alerts to your email when this term has been mentioned.

#4 Reddit

As per usual, it’s as simple as typing in something to the effect of ‘house hunting’ and ‘melbourne’ (or your area). Other terms you might find great results with could be ‘what to know before buying a house’ or ‘how to buy a house’ and make sure you throw your area in too.

It’s often a forum for people who are looking for help or advice, so the users are in the right mindset for you to provide your unmatched knowledge of the area. Once you’ve proven yourself as a helpful person, you can reach out to them using the private messaging functionality in an attempt to take the discussion offline.

As you can see in this screen grab, there are countless hits of people who are seeking guidance in this area with the intention to buy or rent.

Even if you don’t find leads on these forums, it’s a great place to develop a deeper understanding of your market through first hand concerns and pains of your ideal customers.

#5 Reddit (Further)

You can also take this further, and find what they call a ‘subreddit’ which is a forum dedicated to a topic, for your town.

In this case I found the Melbourne subreddit (in case you hadn’t guessed i’m an Aussie) at

You can then search for threads within this subreddit. I typed in ‘realtor’ and found poeple literally looking for advice from realtors. Hows that for a free warm lead?

Of course you can take it further by trying other seach queries in a subreddit such as ‘real estate’ ‘buying a house’ etc.

#6 Business Directories

Get yourself listed as a realtor on business directories, you can usually get a basic listing for free and once it’s done, it’s done.

In the off chance that someone happens to be searching for a realtor on xyz directory they may find you. If you’re finding that a lot of leads are coming through xyz directory then you should consider upgrading to paid listings in which you typically get greater visibility.

Also, without going into extensive detail on SEO practices, adding links to your website on directories will help to improve your search rankings and traffic.

Here are a list of Australia business directories. (If you’re not Australian just type into google “{country} business directory”).































#7 Blogging

If you are taking a digital strategy seriously, you should really have a website. Simply having a Facebook page or other social networking pages doesn’t cut it anymore. You really are at the mercy of the provider. With your own website, you control the traffic.

The idea with blogging on your website, is first of all to draw your ideal customers in. You know that in this instance, they are ideally wanting to buy a home. Someone who fits this description might be searching google for terms like “what to know when buying a house” or “what should i look for in a realtor”.

The first step in this process, is to find out what these kind people are ACTUALLY searching in Google.

To make this process easier, there are many tools that provide you with the amount of search traffic for a given term and also tells you how much search traffic there are for similar phrases. by Mangools is one example, you can do up to 5 free queries a day with an account.

Otherwise if you have a Google Ads account you can do the same things for free using their keyword planner.

Here is an example of similar search queries to what you type in, in this example I typed in “tips for buying a home” because it is what an active buyer might search. It’s also been filtered by location.

This tells you the phrase, how much it’s being searched every month, and how much it might cost if you were to pay for a click.

If we take the phrase “tips for buying a house” we would then build an in-depth article around this phrase.

Again, this isn’t an SEO guide but the essential basics are that you should include this phrase in your page title, heading, meta description, h1 title and variants of it throughout your article.

Make sure it’s genuinely useful and provides value, try and imagine how you would feel if someone was reading it in front of you.

It wouldn’t hurt to post this article on some of the social locations mentioned earlier.

If you can provide value to your potential customers they will consider you when they are ready to buy.

#8 Email Marketing

Whenever you do an open home viewing, encourage people to leave their email address whatever way works best. Throughout any of the earlier mentioned strategies if it results in an email address then perfect, add it to the list.

This will allow you to keep growing a database of people you know are interested in buying.

If you are looking for a way to use these email addresses, mailchimp is the usual go-to. It allows you to easily upload your list, build the email using drag and drop and then schedule them out. It’s free until 2,000 subscribers.

#9 Advanced Google Search

The idea with this method is that we are searching all forums or chat areas on the internet to try find where buyers are discussing.

1. Download a chrome extension called ‘Discussion Button For Google Search

This will allow us to search all forums, threads, topics and other chat areas where users congregate to seek advice and discuss ideas.

2. Search for our buyer intent keyword “house hunting” or something similar like “i’m wanting to buy a house” in the new discussion panel on your google search.

Make sure to encase house hunting in quotation marks, this tells google that this phrase HAS to be present on the page.

Now, under the tools and settings, filter the search to only show results from your area and refine it by date to be recent. Voila, you’ve just found where your buyers hang out on the internet.

#10 Add Listings To Your Websites

If you have a website it’s actually very easy to add real estate listings.

You will need a WordPress website for this example, if you don’t have one it’s highly recommended you get one. Hosting plans can be as low as a few dollars per month, although your website performance will undoubtedly suffer. If you don’t want to pay for a developer you can get free website themes which are essentially templates for your website to give them their design appearance. There are a million guides out there on setting up a website, it’s very plausible to have one together in a few hours.

Once you have your website set up and a theme you like the look of installed you will need to add a plugin called WPL Real estate. THere are others available, but this is one of the more popular. (For our American friends, this plugin also integrates with MLS).

Using this plugin, you create the listings in the backend of your website. You can then produce the front end listings with a simple shortcode.

Now, when people are searching for houses in your given area your listing pages will start to show up on Google because they contain the type of phrases that people are searching for.

Whether the listing is old or new, you will still be gathering an extra source of traffic toward your website.

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